Volume 20.3

Recent Technical Presentations Focus on New Developments, Verification & Validation

DatapointLabs and Matereality attended more than half a dozen technical meetings and trade events during the past three months. Recent advancements in both material testing applications and material data management software were the focus of the companies' joint presence. If you missed us at any of these events, here are some highlights:

Hubert Lobo delivered Comments on the Testing and Management of Plastics Material Data at the CARHS Automotive CAE Grand Challenge in Hanau, Germany. This presentation reviewed our latest findings related to volumetric yield in polymers and its relationship to failure, as well as the material database technology that was created to store this kind of multivariate data and the analytical tools created to help the CAE engineer understand and use plastics material data. Presentation

Matereality software was the focus of Hubert Lobo's presentation at this year's SPE AutoEPCON in Troy, MI. In Software for Creating and Managing Material Specifications, capabilities of a new enterprise app that manages creation of material specifications, input of properties and material composition, and evaluation of candidate materials per specification were introduced. Presentation

Hubert Lobo also delivered Providing an Experimental Basis in Support of Finite Element Analysis at the SIMULIA Community Conference in Providence, RI, which was attended by over 600 people. DatapointLabs was also a conference sponsor, and booth staff discussins with attendees centered around the relationships among data validation, simulation, and optimization. Presentation | TestPaks for Abaqus

Daniel Roy presented The Use of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Strain Gauges to Validate Simulation* at the NAFEMS USA Regional Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. Presentation

The ANSYS Conference & CADFEM User's Meeting drew nearly 800 attendees to historic Nuremberg, Germany, this year. Our exhibit was staffed by Barbara Leichtenstern and Brian Croop, and Brian also delivered a presentation on Validation of Simulations through Use of DIC Techniques*. Many attendees stopped by our exhibit to discuss composite testing, hyperelastic modeling (G-760 and G-761), viscoelastic testing (G-755), as well as techniques to capture property retention of materials subjected to harsh environments. Presentation | TestPaks for ANSYS

* DatapointLabs would like to acknowledge the contribution of Jennifer Borshoff, who performed some of the work presented, and the support of Rajesh Bhaskaran, Senior Lecturer and Swanson Director of Engineering Simulation at Cornell University, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

Nearly 650 people attended the International LS-DYNA Users' Conference in Dearborn, MI this year, at which 124 papers were presented, among them Software for Creating LS-DYNA Material Model Parameters from Test Data, delivered by Brian Croop. This presentation previewed the new user interface and model implementation that will be included in the soon-to-be-released Matereality v8 CAE Modeler. A renewed interest in metal forming testing (provided in G-790 and G-791) was noted in conversations with attendees by staff Nick Simpson and Brian Croop.  Also introduced at the conference was DatapointLabs' new Photron SA5 high-speed camera for validation, DIC, and high-strain-rate measurements. Presentation | TestPaks for LS-DYNA


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DatapointLabs+Matereality together presented advances in material testing and material data management at recent industry events.

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