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About testpaks.com

With widespread use of modern materials there is the growing need to understand material behavior for the proper utilization of virtual product development tools. testpaks.com is the first web site to feed the "material" needs of the CAE (computer aided engineering) user. It seeks to concentrate the current knowledge base of materials modeling for virtual product design, drawing from the extensive experience of DatapointLabs materials specialists, CAE vendors, and expert users. testpaks.com is important in view of the widespread difficulty experienced by the CAE community and the subsequent limitations it places upon the use of CAE products.

As CAE use has evolved in the past decade, DatapointLabs products for CAE, TestPaks®, have offered CAE users with the most convenient way to get material data inputs specific to their material and simulation programs. For good material models, it is important that the testing and modeling be done by people who understand material behavior, as well as CAE programs. To better understand the needs of CAE, DatapointLabs maintains an active and extensive Alliance Program with all major CAE vendors, and has been serving its client base with not just material data, but "ready-to-load" models that can be exported in digital format as CAE-input decks via MaterealityDDS.

testpaks.com is info-mercial in nature. While it serves as a convenient online catalog for purchase of material testing for CAE, it also serves as a place for CAE community to submit content, opinions and experiences on the modeling of materials. We actively solicit this input and post it subject to review. We have in-house facilities to take relevant papers, presentations, web-links and movies and make them ready for the web. These facilities are at your disposal and you can work interactively with our team to get the desired interconnectivity and results. There are guidelines and a process for the submission of information. Please refer to the Submissions section of our website for more details.