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SIGMA® Plastic Services, Inc. supplies the polymer simulation software SIGMASOFT®, provides support and training to SIGMASOFT® users, and offers engineering services using its proprietary software. SIGMASOFT® is a fully 3-D Navier-Stokes based plastic and elastomer simulation solver with an extremely user-friendly interface to comprehensively describe almost any polymer process. As a high-end tool it considers all parts of a mold, including cooling lines and heater elements etc., thereby eliminating the need to estimate boundary conditions. Highly complex parts with various wall thickness changes can be considered effortlessly, as the capabilities of this fully 3-D software go far beyond the ones of traditional 2 1/2-D tools.

SIGMASOFT® is a modular software with four basic modules: thermoplastics, thermoset, elastomer, and MIM-CIM to simulate almost any polymer process. SIGMAlink can be used to transfer results to FEA tools.

- http://www.sigmasoft.de/ftp/web/home_de/index.php